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ScoreSheet Newsletter for 6-8-99:
Phantom Menace Mania, Messageboards, and More!

Thanks to Chris "I Only Did This Because I Was Bored" Pendley for writing this. So if you've got complaints, they're all his fault!

Contents for this issue:
I. What is the ScoreSheet?
II. New Reviews Since Last Issue
    a. The Phantom Menace
    b. The Mummy
    c. The Snow Files
    d. Citizen Kane
    e. Krull
    f. Aliens
    g. Stargate
    h. Jaws
III. New Soundclips
    a. Krull End Titles
    b. Krull: The Slayers Attack
IV. New Features (Messageboard)
V. ScoreSheet Choice Award
VI. Newest Poll
VII. Contact Information
I. What is the ScoreSheet?
        For those of you that don't know, the ScoreSheet is a web page that reviews scores from motion pictures.  It offers in-depth analyses of each track on over 30 reviews.
II. New Reviews since the last newsletter:

The Phantom Menace - Overall, this is not to be missed for Star Wars fans or fans of great music.  There are a few mediocre tracks, and the lack of much leitmotif may put some off, but don't let any of this stop you from enjoying John Williams' return to the rousing 19th Century idiom.

The Mummy - Although The Wind and the Lion has more charm, The Mummy, its counterpart will provide you with many great themes and motives, charging action cues, and a way to spice up any boring moment.  Overall, you can't go wrong with The Mummy.

The Snow Files: The Film Music of Mark Snow - Mark Snow has deservedly been nominated for about 9 high-profile awards, and this compilation shows us just how talented and diverse a composer he is.  Like I said earlier, I'd be giving this a 9 music rating if it weren't for those 5 tracks I mentioned.  However, the other stuff more than makes up for it, so here's a 7.

Citizen Kane: The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann - In conclusion, this is probably one of the very best Herrmann albums I have, and definitely the best compilation I've ever bought.  We get a sampler of some of his earlier work played by a virtuoso orchestra under an awesome conductor.  Who
could ask for anything more?  Buy it! BUY IT!

Krull- Widely considered James Horner's magnum opus, it contains everything rabid film score fans want and then some.

Aliens- A great scary listening experience.  However, if you don't like Horner's borrowings, then run away from this as fast as you can.

Stargate- David Arnold bursts onto the film score scene with this epic, sweeping sci-fi score.    This loud, and I do mean LOUD, score with adventurous orchestral music has a masterful main theme.

Jaws- Yet another score that anybody interested in scores needs to own.  Not John Williams's best work, but still a great score.
III. New soundclips-
Krull by James Horner
These are here to give you a general idea of the score before you shell out $40 of your hard earned money for the full album.  I
personally love the score (and so do most other people) but this may not be something that you want to buy.

 End Credits
This is a suite of the main theme and love theme.  Chances are, if you don't like these, you'll hate the rest of the album.  Pay
close attention to the annoying choir at the very end, since they appear some in the score.  It's definitely not enough to ruin the
album, but that doesn't mean I have to like them. :-)

 The Slayers Attack
Here is a typical example of the action music.  There's not a ton of thematic material here, but one of the main motives appears
in the last 30 seconds.
IV. New Features- Message Board
Use this to talk about all aspects of film music, films, your own reviews, and opinions about the page.
V. ScoreSheet Choice Award-Occasionally great scores deserve to be recognized for their greatness, and the ScoreSheet Choice Award does this.  Only scores that excel in musical quality are eligible for this, and only some of them get it.  Some scores that have recieved this are:  Alexander Nevsky, Batman, The Empire Strikes Back, Krull, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
VI. Check out the new Phantom Menace poll on the homepage!
VII. Contact Information
The ScoreSheet
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