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After Elfman went somewhat overboard in atonality for A Simple Plan, he scores his first chick flick.  I have never heard of this movie before, but I definitely know Danny Elfman, and this score sounds like it was written by a totally different composer.  Its main theme is a kind of wordless rock ballad, and most of the short suite present here sounds like an instrumental version of the dismal songs.  Oh yeah, this is a song compilation, with the composer's score reduced to a 7 minute suite.  However, I probably couldn't take much more of the mindless female vocals and guitar (both acoustic and electric) riffs.  In short, stay away.

15. Anywhere But Here Score Suite (7:35)
The short suite starts out capably enough with an alto flute reading of a wistful motif, backed by guitars.  Unfortunately, the good stuff ends there, with the appearance of a humming (and off-key) female vocal singing the main theme, with a rock accompaniment.  If I wanted this, I'd probably commit myself to a mental hospital first, but then I'd buy a regular CD with the latest "rock sensation."  The second cue continues the acoustic guitar motif, with a more classically inspired vocal.  A dissonant electric guitar section comes next, which dissipates into another typical chick flick piece with guitar, vocals, and pizzicatto strings.  Chick flick drivel ends the blessedly brief score.

I can't think of anyone who would want this just for the score, and IMHO the entire album becomes one of the most dismal releases of the year.   Even Elfman fans will probably be put off by his contemporary electric guitar stylings.

Anywhere But Here: The Final Score
Music Rating 2/10 (Would have been a coaster if not for the alto flute opening.)
Packaging/Liner Notes N/A
Orchestral Performance N/A (no orchestra)
Length 3/10 (It's too long!)
Sound Quality Who cares?

Anywhere But Here is Copyright 1999 by Atlantic Records.  Review Copyright 1999 by Andrew Drannon.  All Rights Reserved.