Guide to the Reviews

So far, I've been doing track by track analyses for each review, along with an overview.  These take longer than regular reviews, so there's no guarantee that all of the reviews will have these in the future.

Music Rating - This is the most important section. (The other sections can be ignored if the music is all you care about.)  This is how I think the music measures up on a 10-point scale. 1=Coaster - just burn your money instead; 2=Abominable; 3=I hate it and so will you; 4=Incredibly bad; 5=Quite Mediocre; 6=Has significant faults, but still a few worthy tracks; 7=Acceptable; 8=Very Good; 9=Excellent; 10=Get it at all costs!

Packaging/Liner Notes - This tells how attractive the packaging is and how informative the liner notes are.  If there are no notes, I'll write N/A.

Orchestral Performance - A bad performance can ruin even the best music.

Sound Quality - Is the sound quality pinched or muffled, or clear and pristine?

Length - How much music does the CD include?  Is it too short? Too long?  Are the best parts included?  Is it possible to get a picture of the entire score?

Some of my favorite scores may get the ultra prestigious ScoreSheet Choice Award. (Only scores that get 10/10 in music rating are eligible for this - all of the 10's may not get it.)  All categories except Music Rating are ignored in this.

Please don't take these reviews too seriously - if I say I hate something, don't take it personally.  :-)

All the series are in order by title (e.g. Empire Strikes Back is under Star Wars in the S's, not the E's)
And now, with no further ado...

 Air Force One by Jerry Goldsmith

 Alexander Nevsky by Sergei Prokofiev

 The Alien Trilogy by Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and Elliot Goldenthal

 Alien by Jerry Goldsmith

 Aliens by James Horner

 Alien3 by Elliot Goldenthal

 Ancient and Modern by Anne Dudley

 Anywhere But Here (8 Minute Suite from Song Compilation) by Danny Elfman

 Apollo 13  by James Horner

 Batman by Danny Elfman

 Batman Forever by Elliot Goldenthal

 Battle of Britain by Sir William Walton and Ron Goodwin

 Big Trouble in Little China  by John Carpenter

 Bite the Bullet by Alex North

 Bless the Child by Christopher Young

 Brainstorm by James Horner

 The Challenge by Jerry Goldsmith

 Citizen Kane: The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann by Bernard Herrmann

 Close Encounter of the Third Kind by John Williams

 Close Encounters: The Essential John Williams Film Music Collection by John Williams (compilation)

 Conan the Barbarian by Basil Poledouris

 The Contender by Larry Groupe

 Contract on Cherry Street by Jerry Goldsmith

 The Day the Earth Stood Still by Bernard Herrmann

 Deterrence by Lawrence Nash Groupe

 Deviants by Lawrence Nash Groupe

 Dick (Promo) by John Debney

 Doctor Zhivago: The Essential Maurice Jarre Film Music Collection

 Durango by Mark McKenzie

 Entrapment by Christopher Young

 Flash Gordon by Howard Blake

 Galaxy Quest by David Newman

 Gladiator by Hans Zimmer

 Greatest Science Fiction Hits IV by Various Composers

 Hollow Man by Jerry Goldsmith

 House of Frankenstein by Don Davis

 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by John Williams

 The Iron Giant (8 Minute Suite from Song Compilation) by Michael Kamen

 Jaws by John Williams

 Jaws (25th Anniversary Expanded Edition) by John Williams

 King Kong (Original Recording) by Max Steiner

 Krull by James Horner

 The Last Run by Jerry Goldsmith

 Lawrence of Arabia by Maurice Jarre

 Legend by Jerry Goldsmith

 Logan's Run by Jerry Goldsmith

 The Lord of the Rings by Leonard Rosenman

 Lost in Space Expanded by Bruce Broughton

 Lost in Space Volume 3 by John Williams, Hans Salter, Herman Stein, and Richard LaSalle

 The Matrix by Don Davis

 Medal of Honor by Michael Giacchino

 Mega Movies with Erich Kunzel

 Mission: Impossible 2 by Hans Zimmer

 Mission to Mars by Ennio Morricone

 The Mummy by Jerry Goldsmith

 MusicHound's Soundtracks

 The Ninth Gate by Wojciech Kilar

 The Omen by Jerry Goldsmith

 The Patriot by John Williams

 The Peacemakerby Hans Zimmer

 The Perfect Storm by James Horner

 Police Story by Jerry Goldsmith

 Poltergeist by Jerry Goldsmith

 Princess Mononoke by Joe Hisaishi

 Psycho by Bernard Herrmann

 Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock by Various Composers

 P.T. Barnum by Hummie Mann

 Rambo: First Blood Part II by Jerry Goldsmith

 Red Planet by Graeme Revell

 The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad by Bernard Herrmann

 Signatures in Suspense by Various Composers

 Sleepy Hollow by Danny Elfman

 Snow Falling on Cedars by James Newton Howard

 The SnowFiles: The Film Music of Mark Snow by Mark Snow

 Sphere by Elliot Goldenthal

 The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration by John Williams

 Stargate by David Arnold

 Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Jerry Goldsmith

 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan by James Horner

 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock by James Horner

 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home  by Leonard Rosenman

 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by Jerry Goldsmith

 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country by Cliff Eidelman

 Star Trek: First Contact by Jerry Goldsmith

 Star Trek: Insurrection by Jerry Goldsmith

 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace by John Williams

 Star Wars: A New Hope by John Williams

 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back by John Williams

 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi by John Williams

 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire by Joel McNeely

 Supergirl by Jerry Goldsmith

 Superman (Remastered, Complete Edition) by John Williams

 Superman (Varese Sarabande Rerecording) by John Williams

 The Thirteenth Warrior by Jerry Goldsmith

 Titus by Elliot Goldenthal

 The Twilight Zone 40th Anniversary Collection by Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, and Various others

 Vertigo by Bernard Herrmann

 Viva Zapata! by Alex North

 What Lies Beneath by Alan Silvestri

 The Wind and the Lion by Jerry Goldsmith