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General Review Sites:   - Probably the friendliest and most spacious film score community on the Internet. Has message boards, member-written reviews, movie music comics, and more.
Film Score Monthly  - This great magazine also has a website updated with a new soundtrack article every day.
Filmtracks - This is probably the largest soundtrack review site.
Movietunes  - They have sound clips from every new soundtrack release, along with user-submitted reviews.
Soundtrack Express  - Another independent soundtrack review site.
Movie Wave - Possibly my favorite Internet soundtrack review site.
Scoreland Soundtrack Reviews - A large independent review site with some of the most well-written reviews on the 'Net.
Cinemusic  - A huge catalog of every soundtrack review on the net, along with their own reviews.
Movie Music U.K. - The largest European review site.
Score! Soundtrack Reviews - A new review page that's very good.
Tracksounds  - Another new page that has grown very quickly.
Scorelogue - An online soundtrack newsletter.
Film Music on the Web (UK) - Another great European review page with monthly updates of about 25-30 in-depth reviews.
SoundtrackNet - One of the premier review sites, with a huge database of releases.
Music From the Movies - Another huge (600+ reviews) site, with just about any release you could want. Also includes interesting articles and interviews.
Score Central- A new site currently under construction - the design shows promise.
Filmmusic.Com - Almost the very first film music site on the Net. Contains a huge database of every soundtrack release, as well as a continually-updated list of trailer music.  


Composer Pages:

Bill Brown: - composer of music for several popular computer games - including Quake II.  Also does some film work.
     Bill Brown Music
Danny Elfman:
     The Groovy Yak's Danny Elfman Page
     Danny Elfman's Music for a Darkened People
Elliot Goldenthal:
     The Groovy Yak's Elliot Goldenthal Shrine
Jerry Goldsmith:
     Dan's Tribute to Jerry Goldsmith
     As Good As Goldsmith
Lawrence Nash Groupe
     Official Homepage
Bernard Herrman:
     The Twelve Mile Reef
     Bernard Herrman Web Pages
James Horner:
     The James Horner Shrine
     The James Horner Web Site
John Ottman:

The Official John Ottman Site

Basil Poledouris:
     The Unofficial Basil Poledouris Page
Marc Shaiman:

The Marc Shaiman Project

Max Steiner:
      The Max Steiner Home Page
John Williams:
     The Unofficial John Williams Page
     The John Williams Web Pages
     John Williams Score Review
     The John Williams Messageboard
Mark Wolfram
     Official Mark Wolfram Website

Other Stuff:

Film Score Rundowns - Tells instrumentation & key signature for each cue from a collection of scores (Max Steiner, Bernard Herrman, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner)  Also has an analysis of each track.

Star Wars Episode I - The Music - This is your one-stop source for polls, reviews, news, unreleased music, sound clips, and more for the new Star Wars soundtrack.


Intrada - My favorite place to order soundtracks.  Their prices are pretty fair, they have everything, and their service is excellent.

BMG Music Service - Although their soundtrack collection is pretty meager, they have the basic scores that everyone should own.  Additionally, you get 12 CDs for about $25.  Their classical selection is large, also.

CDNOW - I haven't dealt with them before, but I've heard that they have good service.  From what I can tell, they have most in-print soundtracks for prices from about $9 to $14.

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